Alright, this is a blog post for personal reference, and/or a "to-do list" for the wiki, so to speak.

Air Wiki Projects

Pages for Revamp

In the Pages for Revamp,  you will find a list of pages that need to be...revamped. 

Good example of revamp: Misuzu Kamio

Revamp includes: infobox, background, personality and appearance, death (if appropriate), trivia (if there is any), and any other important heading (example: Kano's illness). 

Pages for Quotes

One that shouldn't last too long.

You can find the list here .

The wiki has quotes for every character. Example: Minagi Tohno

So far, the quotes layout is this:

"Insert quote here"

-Insert Character

Because I'm useless with templates, I have no quote template. Here, however is a WIP:

—Misuzu Kamio


Techincally, a stub is an article 2000 bytes or less. Pretty much all pages on Air Wiki are not stubs, but still really lack information. Stubs are here. An example of a stub would be Ryoka Yuzuki.

Pages that need Information

A sub-category of Stubs. The page lacks information on certain subjects. An example would be Air (anime), because it lacks information in the Korean broadcasting. If you have any information about this, please help!!

Pages that need Information

Unfinished Galleries

In the Guidelines, it says that there is to be a picture from the visual novel, a picture from the anime, one screenshot from the visual novel, one screenshot from the anime, and one screenshot from each manga. The category is here. I am considering making bigger galleries for the characters. Example: Misuzu Kamio/Gallery.


...I forgot what I was going to put here. 

Anyway, please, PLEASE don't be shy - I need all the help I can get.

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