OK. So, you might know that I adopted this wiki in early January. I'm going to totally revamp it to make it more presentable. 


New Theme

I have no idea how to do this. I've changed the favicon, but I don't know how to do the rest. So I'm going to request for the development team at Community Central to help. But the wiki needs 50 content pages. I'm not making any more pages until Air Wiki Projects is finished, so until then, the wiki is going to have the default style (I might change it in the theme designer), unless anyone would like to help. I have a few ideas in mind.

More Editors

When I check the view stats, I see that the wiki gets around 100-200 views a day. Sometimes the occasional 300+. But no one is contributing, except me. Even if you are just an anon, please, won't you consider looking at Air Wiki Projects and helping out? It would mean a lot. I've added this wiki in "Wikis that need Editors" section of Community Central. Maybe that will help out.

More Focus on the Visual Novel

Lots of anime wikis I've seen focus mainly on that - the anime adaption of the series. Maybe the original manga, game or whatever the series was based on might get a mention, but it usually focuses on the anime. I would really like this wiki to mention the original visual novel a lot. Not many people have actually played the game due to no English patches (but there's one in the making!), but if you've played it, you can help by writing about original game scenarios! Please don't go and download the game, though. Please buy it.


Gaining Admin Rights

If you just ask out of the blue to become an admin, I probably will not be giving such rights. However, if you regularly make helpful contributions, and are a trustworthy person I might ask if you want rights. I remember coming across a wiki in "Wikis that need Editors" called "Adminships Experiments Wiki", a place where if you ask both of the bureaucrats, they will give you admin rights, so you can experiment and see what it's like to be an admin! The wiki can be found here

The Guidelines

The Guidelines is one of those pages I call a "hidden"'s not one of the content pages, so it's not listed in the page count. The Guidelines can be found here. It is locked for editing. Please read the guidelines before editing!


If you have a suggestion or comment about the wiki, please contact me! 


This isn't a very "friendly" or "welcoming" issue, that's why I didn't put it in the Guidelines. But this subject needs to be addressed somewhere, so I figured "Why not do it here?".

If you harass anyone, you will get a warning. If you do not heed that warning, you are banned.

If you make content pages that are inappropriate, you will be banned straight away.

If you make content pages not related to Air, the page will be marked for deletion, and you will get a warning. If you do not heed the warning, you will be banned.

If anything else comes to mind about things you can be banned for, I will add them.

I hope I never have to ban anyone. But if I do, I want to be realistic. I've seen some wikis where users are banned until times like 3012. 

Banning Times

Harassment = two weeks

Inappropriate content pages, photos etc. = a month

Pages not related to Air = a day or two (unless you do it a lot, then longer)


I never want to ban someone for infinity. I really don't. But, if you do all of the above quiet frequently, I might make an inifinate ban. It might be lifted, though.

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