With this, we can see what dreams Kanna is having.
— Uraha

Uraha, as seen in the Air anime

Kanji 裏葉
Rōmaji Uraha
Voice Actor Flag of Japan (jp) Kikuko Inoue
English language (en) Allison Sumrall
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age Unknown

Uraha is a character in Air.

Background Edit

Uraha was Kannabi-no-Mikoto's tutor and at the same time, raises her. She stays with her at the shrine until she decided to take her away to safety and to her mother. After they met Kanna's mother, she stayed with Kanna until the latter disappeared because of a curse put into her. Later she was taught sorcery by the monks who cared for the winged race. She told Ryuya that the only way to save Kanna from her curse was to bear a child. She is an ancestor of Yukito Kunisaki, and she created the puppet he uses to get money. It is most likely that she died of old age.

Uraha is a unique girl who is born once per hundreds years and has powerful, psychic abilities.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Uraha has long green hair and yellow eyes. She is very caring, and, at times, strict, and she tries her best to keep Kanna safe. She likes poetry, as revealed in Air in Summer, and believes that "the mouth that cannot recite one poem is worthless".

Ryuya Edit

After Kanna died, Uraha suggested to Ryuya that he should have a child so that his decsendents could find a way to save Kanna. Ryuya agreed and Uraha decided to bear his child. However, in the movie of Air, Ryuya was Kanna's lover and had no romantic relationship with Uraha.

Gallery Edit

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